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Nicki Davis

Nicki was born in Bromley, a southeast London borough, where she was raised for the first 21 years of her life. As an impressionable young adult and eager to get out into the working world, she was never one too big for school and reading lots of books. But she does remember a favorite from some young women’s stories back in her youth. She would curl up with her kitten Pippa to read Little Women by Louisa May Alcott.

Fast-forward 4,488 miles to America, or to what Nicki called “The land of opportunity.” New people, new adventures, new destiny – she craved it all – but soon realized freedom was up to her. “I couldn’t wait around for my life to begin. I had to give myself the chance to become myself—to make my life my own.”

Nicki hopes her self-help book can reach everyone on their journeys, including young women, to let them know they are not alone. Between Nicki and Karma’s story, you’ll find support on how to get over a breakup and a divorce too! And come out the other side.

At a time when she was newly divorced and single again, Nicki was still wanting to please everyone else, to be more. Then one evening, while outside walking her dog, she surrendered, looked up at the stars, and announced, “If you can’t find me someone who will put me on a pedestal every day of my life, I would rather be here on my own!”

A new level of calm descended as well as the recognition that each moment of her life had led her to where she was right now and that everything in her life was right on the cusp of changing.

“If I had any encouraging words for women,” Nicki now said, “they would be, don’t let fear win. Sometimes we get stuck when we’re more concerned about ‘what would someone say!’ Instead, let your heart guide your choices and then—let love win.”

A special friend brought Nicki hope, and unconditional love at a tough time in her life and stole her heart. And dog lovers beware – we all understand the feeling when our pet passes on – and this story is no exception, it will make you cry!

Now as the author of Love, Good Karma, Nicki is also a real estate agent, who lives on Marco Island with her husband, Doug, and her dog Karma. In 1988, she founded The Joy of Giving, Inc., a 501(c)3 charity

Nicki Davis was named Humanitarian of the Year in 2009, received the Unsung Hero Award in 2016 and in 2019 received the Spirit of Marco Island Award for her service to families in need.

Love, Good Karma 

Have you ever made a huge decision at a moment’s notice that changed your whole life? What if you discovered that such decisions are secretly directed by a powerful universal force at the center of all things?

At 21, Nicki was a fearless, strong-minded British girl who thought she knew exactly what she wanted and where she should go. To America! She landed in Florida—for a holiday that would change everything, on the to-die-for island of her dreams. After the calm, beware of the storm—she trusted the wrong man.

Thousands of miles from home and feeling alone, even an English girl can find it hard to keep a “stiff upper lip.” Nicki’s only hope is to find inner strength … and love from a surprising source. Love, Good Karma shows us that a single universal law can teach us all a thing (or twelve!) about life, including the universal law that we are always—always—being led towards love.

Love, Good Karma is a straight-up candid story of a young woman’s journey to learn true-life skills. Timely. Original. Real. And told with help from Karma herself, a little white dog.